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About the dissolution of sodium fluorosilicate

by:Yixin     2020-12-13

sodium fluosilicate silicate inhibitors are commonly used to do, like aegirine, chlorite, feldspar. Because of fluorine sodium silicate in water solubility is small, its reaction with sodium silicate is slowly and gradually, it is not only advantageous to the construction and hardening of the material density and intensity are high.

in the combination of sodium silicate inorganic materials are the most commonly used. Fluorine sodium silicate is the by-product production of calcium superphosphate or aluminum plant in the production of fluoride salt, usually with a white crystalline powder. Solubility in water is small, when the room temperature below 1%, slightly increases with temperature rise. Fluorine sodium silicate aqueous acidic ( PH3) 。 This is because of its hydrolysate contained hydrofluoric acid. Reduce the solution of acid hydrolysis in favour of fluorine sodium silicate. When PH < 3. 5 - 3. 55, hydrolysis stability, PH is equal to 4, the hydrolysis is remarkable. PH equals eight 8. 5, fluorine sodium silicate can complete hydrolysis is silica gel and precipitation. Therefore, when fluorine sodium silicate added to sodium silicate, in addition to neutralize sodium silicate solution of sodium hydroxide precipitate the silica gel and hardening, sodium fluosilicate itself is the source of the silica gel.

that is introduced by appropriate xin chemical knowledge of the dissolution of sodium fluosilicate, more consultation, can contact the appropriate Shanghai xin chemical industry.

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