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Activated alumina - manufacturer of alumina production Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-01

alumina powder or liquid particles, it is very important in industrial production of chemical raw materials, activated alumina, alumina factory production increase of the use of alumina, alumina industry to produce more prosperous.

alumina factory production of activated alumina is white spherical porous particle, particle size uniform, smooth surface, mechanical strength, moisture absorption is strong, after absorbing water burst, can keep the original state. The activated alumina is mainly used for drinking water fluoride, high fluoride area for gas, water vapor or some liquid water has selective adsorption ability.

this activated alumina can be regeneration, regeneration agent with sodium hydroxide or aluminium sulfate solution, which to a certain extent, alleviate the pressure of alumina factory.

after a study of activated alumina, alumina manufacturer know or the many factors that can influence the properties of activated alumina adsorption. The particle size of activated alumina, the raw water PH value, initial fluorine concentration of raw water, raw water, alkaline and chloride ion, sulfate ion in the solution and arsenic content of how much all affects the adsorption performance of activated alumina.

activated alumina, alumina manufacturers expand the use range of alumina, the alumina market development has a certain promotion, indirectly promote the development of the chemical industry, alumina factory also need to constantly develop new varieties of alumina, promote the development of alumina market.

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