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Adult powder containing boric acid don't give the baby to use

by:Yixin     2020-12-07

the survey found that the powder on the market at present is generally contain the talcum powder this composition. According to understand, talcum powder belongs to natural mineral, but may be associated with asbestos, heavy metals, harmful material such as boric acid, long-term use may cause cancer. In order to reassure consumers purchase, some manufacturers have also launched & other; Plant-based powder & throughout; The main raw material was corn flour or pine pollen. Reporter discovery, plant-based powder on your generally 10 to 20 yuan.

so, this kind of plant powder really safer than ordinary powder? The children's hospital of chengdu doctor guojin wan to tell a reporter, no matter what kind of powder, body has harm to infants. “ Talcum powder is granular, long-term daub may cause baby clogged pores. If it is a long prickly heat baby, also may lead to illness. ”

the parents in the baby powder daub, pay attention to the weight is too much, and before use must to baby skin to clean.

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