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Alumina factory application of alumina analysis - the rubber industry Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-17

alumina's versatility, not only can be made of aluminum, synthetic corundum, etc. , there is a wide range of applications in rubber industry, let's learn about the aluminium oxide to the application of the rubber industry.

alumina manufacturers of rubber industry in-depth investigation, and the major applications of alumina is summarized in the rubber industry.

a alumina with NBR inhibitor performance, can improve the oil resistance of rubber.

two alumina as fire retardant can be blended with rubber, dispersed evenly, can improve the viscosity of the rubber.

three aluminum oxide can improve the stability and thermal conductivity of the shape of the products.

four alumina harmful substance content in the raw material is small, can reduce the harm for environment and human body.

five alumina as a flame retardant particles of small ball, activity, has a large surface area, can have good dispersion and adsorption, therefore, in the rubber industry can promote the rubber vulcanization, reactive and reinforcing the aging effect, improve the wear and tear resistance of rubber products.

alumina factory on the usage of the alumina production, emphatically, based on market supply and demand for production, can fight for the maximization of profit, to avoid the problem of overcapacity. Shanghai xin appropriate chemical professional supply industrial alumina, look forward to working with you hand in hand to build the future.

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