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Alumina factory development and production of alumina sand shape - meaning Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-02

over the past few years, with the international and domestic two markets of alumina, quality and cheap imported sand alumina continuously into the domestic market, satisfying the requirements of modern large cell promotion application, alumina manufacturers in China and caused serious blow.

in the face of fierce market competition, the manufacturers deeply aware of the current domestic alumina quality, have become restraints on the nature of the survival and development of China aluminum industry, if not timely to adjustment and improvement of products, in the next few years, are more likely to be eliminated by alumina market.

alumina factory to study the physical properties of alumina sand shape, found that the shape of sand alumina performance greatly beyond ordinary alumina, some developed countries abroad have few ordinary alumina production, ordinary alumina can be washed out gradually.

changes serious domestic and international market, our country of the alumina factory need to improve the quality of product, can adapt to market changes and demand, foreign alumina quality, low price, low cost and environmental protection, the current domestic alumina factory is difficult to compete with, is not conducive to the occupation of the market.

in the past two years, the state attaches great importance to environmental problems, cause the attention of the alumina factory, also promoted the development of the alumina sand shape directly.

alumina factory to realize industrialization production of alumina sand shape as soon as possible, the traditional craft equipment lags behind, industrialization, must be conducted to obtain greater profits.

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