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Alumina factory research on transparent enamels - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-28

it is well known that the alumina can be used as a porcelain glaze in the production of raw materials, can effectively improve the transparency of enamel. Manufacturer of alumina on the enamel transparency depth profiling, according to the specific purpose to produce specific alumina powder, can effectively improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

alumina factory research understands, porcelain glaze materials to good transparency, must meet the following requirements:

a this kind of material with high purity and dispersion; The second has high sintering activity; Three grain is uniform and spherical; Four cannot be condensed, with the passage of time also won't appear the new phase.

on the market, the new porcelain glaze production technology has been sprung up, however, these are inseparable from its raw material & ndash; Alumina. All satisfy the production of alumina ceramic glaze materials requirements, it is also an opportunity for alumina factory.

alumina factory, according to the specific study of enamel to adjust production of alumina, alumina ceramics that the main phase of the & alpha; - Al2O3, linear light transmittance over 90% ~ 95%, the dielectric constant is greater than nine. 8.

factory production of alumina ceramic glaze of alumina at the same time, also in the unceasing development of alumina other purposes, in the iron and steel smelting, alumina also occupies the important position. Believe that all will eventually get the perfect solution, alumina will get more extensive application.

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