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Alumina market situation of manufacturer - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-26

the purpose of alumina is very extensive, alumina factory at the same time in the face of the pressure is very big also, export countries for alumina can be better, make a series of decisions, the alumina production to the forefront.

in order to achieve the alumina manufacturer's own economic benefits, enhance competitiveness, part of the alumina factory production facilities to the resource countries transfer, gathered themselves together. Starting in the 1980 s, transnational alumina factory for a wider range of control, optimization of resources, reduce costs, improve efficiency, are moving gradually to the resource-rich countries, countries in order to develop the local economy and resources, it began to build the mine, positive support to the development of multinational companies at home and have a big development of alumina industry, a lot of alumina manufacturers have also set up.

multinational alumina factory use their own capital and technology, through the overseas investment, continuously to control of bauxite resources, control of resources have been weakening the resource countries. The major western alumina factory starting from their own interests, implementing global resource strategy, tried to configure resources on a global scale, to obtain the biggest economic benefits.

alumina factory appear many mergers events, the expansion of the transnational alumina factory, the concentration degree of the industry to further enhance, the bauxite resources of alumina production capacity are further to a handful of multinational companies.

alumina manufacturers in the world to focus on developing countries rich in natural resources, the serious influence to its own market status, developing countries to developing countries has brought the huge challenge.

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