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Alumina prices continue to soar

by:Yixin     2021-01-04

it is understood that for fall and winter air pollution integrated management, shandong, henan and other places to limit production policy of alumina, alumina prices continue to rise for a time.

alumina, widely used in enamels, metallurgy, glass and other industrial application are, to do all kinds of refractory materials and integrated circuit substrate. Data show that the alumina production will continue at least until March 2018, during the period of production will drop by 30%, the price also will continue to rise. Zibo city has clearly announced, chalco shandong co. , LTD during alumina production will reduce the 17. 730000 tons. Henan region announced 4 months period will reduce the number of 117. 950000 tons. Production activities directly caused the vicious cycle of alumina industry.

domestic alumina in short supply, a direct impact on the international alumina prices, according to the past data shows that since August, import alumina has rallied 123%, Australia import data index shows that these two months, the price of alumina has increased by 53%, reached a new height, and prices will continue to soar.

content just for you, when the demand is less than supply, prices will typically have a rising trend, it is obvious that alumina prices continue to rise, because of a lack of supply, and of course the last there will be a moderate stage, gradually returned to normal price.

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