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Alumina which good

by:Yixin     2021-01-20

alumina which good? First choice appropriate xin chemical industry.

Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. Is the original Shanghai jiading, Shanghai jiading HuaQing borax factory company after system reform initiated by the former enterprise backbone, and the voluntary participation, to form industrial and private joint-stock enterprises. Since it was founded in 98, relying on the advantage of original and supply and marketing network. Through the joint efforts of all staff, won the customers trust and support, the company's performance problem, vigorous development. Company through the Internet at the same time, vigorously develop the export business, clinchs a deal with online marketing and offline mode, which laid a foundation for company's performance is rising steadily. Company's main borax, boric acid, including import borax pentahydrate, ten water borax, domestic borax, superior grade borax, import boric acid and domestic boric acid. Engaged in sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium carbonate ( Soda ash) , potash, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, sodium silicofluoride, antimony oxide, zinc oxide, lithium carbonate, cobalt oxide powder, selenium and other chemical raw materials. For glass industry, ceramic glaze industry and chemical industry, at the same time the downstream chemical enterprises of all kinds of chemical raw materials. Company aim: integrity first, service paramountcy. Company principle: reciprocity, mutual benefit, equality and coexistence. Company vision: to a win-win situation for the purpose, wholeheartedly for the general customer service, create brilliant tomorrow!

appropriate xin chemical 32 years of industry experience, excellent quality, good service, to ask alumina which good, appropriate of Shanghai xin chemical industry co. , LTD. Is a good choice for you, if there are any product of customer demand, can contact us, contact phone number:, welcome dear customers to visit our company.

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