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Aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide micro powder manufacturer analysis application in the cable and influence Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-26

aluminum hydroxide has good flame retardancy, can fully meet the needs in the production of cable, cable material needs not only has the necessary electrical conductivity, but also the flame retardant performance, appropriate and aluminum hydroxide was fully comply with this requirement.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer understands, aluminum hydroxide powder have the function of retarding, suppressing smoke and filling, no secondary pollution when burnt, good thermal stability, less smoke, does not produce toxic, corrosive gas, as flame retardants and filling agent is widely used in the cable. Manufacturers in the production of aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide, in order to meet the flame retardant requirement, its additive added to the 50 - 60%, which had a great influence on material mechanical properties and processing properties of. In order to solve this problem, aluminum hydroxide manufacturers are generally by reducing particle size or surface modification of aluminum hydroxide, to improve the surface physical and chemical properties, improve the comprehensive performance.

aluminum hydroxide factory production of aluminum hydroxide particles and polymer, the two kinds of the gap size is larger, and inorganic and organic matter, respectively, in order to guarantee the mechanical and flame retardant properties of the cable you need aluminum hydroxide factory mixing technology.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers only to improve the production technology, the mutual fusion, mixing time to ensure that all the materials will not affect the mechanical and flame retardant properties of the cable.

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