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Aluminum hydroxide factory compound modification of ultrafine products - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-03

aluminum hydroxide is an important inorganic, itself has between acid and alkali, aluminum hydroxide factory was studied on surface of ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide composite modification on its decomposition temperature and activation index, improve the performance of super-fine aluminum hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers use, differential thermal analysis and scanning electron microscopy (sem) and energy spectrum analysis method, make the initial decomposition temperature of aluminum hydroxide improved obviously, and then through silane on the composite modification, make its decomposition temperature increase again, can reach 350. And aluminum hydroxide factory research know different modifier activation index of the sample there are great differences.

aluminum hydroxide with functions of retarding, suppressing smoke and filling the multiple, has become the largest of the dosage of environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardants. Surface modification of ultrafine aluminum hydroxide used as flame retardant agent and gradually became the various countries' important hot topic in the field of aluminium hydroxide manufacturer, at present, in view of the surface of aluminum hydroxide modified report has a lot of, but are limited to improve the compatibility of aluminum hydroxide and organic materials, rarely involves the compound modification.

now, the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide by physical or chemical method, use a variety of surface modification agents to deal with the surface of the particles, with the purpose of changing physical and chemical properties on the surface of the particles. Strengthen the surface of aluminum hydroxide compound modification and gradually become one of aluminum hydroxide factory the problem to be solved urgently at present.

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