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Aluminum hydroxide factory production of aluminum hydroxide flame retardant filler Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-31

with the improvement of people requirements for flame retardant cable, aluminum hydroxide as a good filler type flame retardant into public view. Aluminum hydroxide filler has a good cost performance, is one of the most common in light, cable packing type flame retardant.

aluminum hydroxide factory after test, if the cable combustion, the aluminum hydroxide will - in 200 Will happen after 300 ℃ decomposition, decomposition of dehydration reaction, a lot of heat absorption polymer material surface, can reduce the surface temperature of the burning materials. At the same time, the dehydration reaction will produce large amounts of water vapor, dilute the concentration of combustible gas and oxygen.

aluminum hydroxide after dehydration reaction, generate dense oxide, alumina and their deposition on the surface of the polymer materials, limit the formation of combustible gas, have the effect of heat insulation, isolated from oxygen, can also achieve smoke suppression effect, therefore, aluminum hydroxide of the professional manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide as a flame retardant effect.

according to the chemical principle to explain, magnesium hydroxide also can have the effect of aluminum hydroxide, however, the high cost of magnesium hydroxide, and aluminum hydroxide is moderate, so is the most versatile of flame retardants.

aluminum hydroxide factory production of industrial aluminum hydroxide flame retardants mainly adopts aluminum acid salt solution to preparation, at the same time, is divided into bayer process and alkali lime sintering process. Wholesale industrial-grade aluminium hydroxide, details could consulting the Shanghai xin chemical industry.

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