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Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer is in manufacturing process using steam drying technology Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-29

belongs to both sexes aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide, has been widely used in industrial USES, manufacturers in the production of aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide in the process of drying special aluminum hydroxide by using steam drying technology.

aluminum hydroxide factory research understands, special aluminum hydroxide is dry when leaving the factory, and consider the depolymerization, drying special aluminum hydroxide using flash drying and spray drying, heat is generally provides air, according to the data of aluminum hydroxide manufacturer, flash drying one ton of filter cake moisture content 50%, diameter D50 1 & mu; M of aluminum hydroxide, is about 350 ℃ hot air.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer is considering, bad air dust treatment, air will bring a lot of fine particle impurities, and the cost is high, no energy reuse, the overall cost of drying is higher, therefore, steam drying technology is put forward, to replace the previous hot air method, using the high pressure steam makes aluminum hydroxide air temperature rise rapidly, make its moisture evaporates away, this is use boiler to generate steam system, it is very clean, do not need special processing, can be directly used to dry products, will not bring pollution, at the same time, water and steam can be recycled, reduce drying costs.

manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide technology, can effectively improve the purity of aluminum hydroxide, reduce the production cost of aluminum hydroxide, improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

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