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Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer - the result of the product surface modification Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-23

aluminum hydroxide can be used as a filler, is a relatively good flame retardant, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to enhance the flame retardant properties of aluminum hydroxide, the surface modification of products processing.

aluminum hydroxide after dealing with the surface modification to a certain extent, improve the dispersibility and compatibility of aluminum hydroxide in the PVC system, so as to improve the flame retardant performance of the system as a whole, at the same time reduces the effect on the mechanical properties. Aluminum hydroxide factory after many experiments, it shows that using sodium stearate modified aluminum hydroxide application effect is better.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers gradually increase in the use of the surface modified aluminum hydroxide, and its flame retardant performance gradually increased, the mechanical mechanics performance gradually reduced. Fully show that aluminum hydroxide in the system of adding quantity of 60 time, can get very good application effect.

after the aluminum hydroxide manufacturers add flame retardant association effect agent, can significantly improve the flame retardant performance of soft system, was elected with agent of magnesium hydroxide as flame retardant association effect, and presents a certain proportion, its flame retardant effect is very good.

the surface modification of aluminum hydroxide aluminum hydroxide manufacturer has obtained the good effect, and gradually improve its performance, choose different surface modification agent to achieve the effect of the difference is very big, manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide further understanding also find better surface modification agent.

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