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Aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to product application research - problems Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-29

the purpose of the aluminum hydroxide is very wide, which can be used as in the production of artificial marble add quantity, we will learn about the, aluminum hydroxide in the application of the artificial marble.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturer understands, artificial marble is directly for the mass of durable consumer goods, also is very strict with the quality of products, the main raw material of aluminum hydroxide as artificial marble, marble in the composition occupied more than 60%, the quality of aluminum hydroxide condition directly affects the processing technology and product quality of artificial marble. This would require the aluminum hydroxide manufacturer to produce a quality product, to meet the downstream enterprises of the production and application.

is the key factor affecting the quality of artificial marble aluminum hydroxide crystal morphology, impurities and moisture and tonal, aluminum hydroxide manufacturer also in the aspects of products after processing, to produce high quality aluminum hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide crystal manufacturer production product structure is more compact, join the lower the viscosity of the polymer after then add quantity in the artificial marble, as high marble of the lower production cost.

compared with foreign excellent aluminum hydroxide manufacturers, product structure to produce aluminum hydroxide manufacturer in China is relatively loose, oil absorption rate is high, poor filling properties of the product.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in China to accelerate the development of a product packing industry, increase the application of the related basic theory research, to solve the series of problems in application of aluminum hydroxide, continuously improve product quality.

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