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Aluminum hydroxide manufacturers improve product technical status quo of thermal stability Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-24

aluminum hydroxide wide raw material sources, low price, as filler in plastics, rubber and resin and flame retardant, become the biggest environmental friendly flame retardants, it has been widely used in industrial production.

aluminum hydroxide used in plastics industry, such as not only can improve the uv resistance, dielectric properties of materials such as features, can also improve the controllable material molding shrinkage.

aluminum hydroxide factory research, due to the low decomposition temperature of aluminum hydroxide, therefore in the mixing process and organic polymer materials, thermal decomposition occurs easily, affect the appearance and mechanical properties of the products, etc. , therefore, can only be applied to the current aluminum hydroxide as fire retardant materials at low temperature.

aluminum hydroxide manufacturers in order to improve the aluminum hydroxide flame retardants and organic polymer materials processing performance, research and development for a variety of ways to improve the thermal stability of aluminium hydroxide.

a variety of tests, at the same time improve the thermal stability of aluminum hydroxide, and reduces aluminum hydroxide flame retardant effect. Manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide learned through cladding aluminum hydroxide can transform heat conductivity, thermal stability and chemical stability, etc. In recent years, inorganic particles coated on the surface of the modified gradually become the interface of materials science, and a hot research topic in the field of surface science and so on.

aluminum hydroxide is a kind of good flame retardant material, its prospect is very broad, so the manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide is also working on improving product thermal stability, and gradually to implement, and believe that there must be a better way!

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