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Aluminum hydroxide price - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-05

recently, prices have been rising in China, the price of aluminum hydroxide with rose, for a long time, aluminum hydroxide prices are stable and even fell, but as prices lead to rise, aluminum hydroxide prices has become a fait accompli.

logic according to the market supply and demand, high inventories should correspond to the low price, low inventory is corresponding to the high price, but the market universal rule, an anomaly in the aluminum industry. Analysts said, just according to the analysis of aluminum hydroxide prices on the one hand is one-sided, the market there are many factors will change the price. So for aluminum hydroxide manufacturers and traders, trends in the market of aluminum hydroxide prices after early is very necessary.

speaking of aluminium hydroxide, it is widely used as inorganic flame retardants in all kinds of refractory materials, in addition, aluminum hydroxide as the basis of other inorganic aluminum salt also raw material, also used to produce aluminium hydroxide.

aluminum hydroxide prices, alumina has a certain influence, aluminum hydroxide prices, a direct impact on alumina prices are constantly rising, but, unlike aluminum prices rising speed, steady increase of alumina, alumina prices will also be easy to rise to fall late.

aluminum hydroxide prices for aluminium industry is quite large, the influence of aluminum hydroxide manufacturers and traders have always pay attention to market changes, to make corresponding countermeasures.

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