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Aluminum hydroxide used in artificial stone

by:Yixin     2020-12-17

aluminum hydroxide under appropriate xin chemical industry is introduced in the application of artificial stone, artificial stone is made from unsaturated resin + packing + + + curing agent + accelerator paint additives such as material, through production lines produce have qualitative feeling, cheap, practical, all sorts of color decorative pattern of artificial stone.

resin is the most basic material carrier. Pigment is necessary in order to produce a variety of colors and patterns of materials, any decorative pattern and color can be covered by paint mixing, add a scenery line to man-made stone appearance. Promoting agent and curing agent as necessary additives in the production process is indispensable, can adjust in the process of production of gel time. Other additives can help improve the production efficiency, product quality and service life, etc.

artificial stone packing is aluminium, aluminium board add proportion and coarse whiting powder. A report showed its content is 70%, but far more than the amount in the process of production. Artificial stone particle size and particle size distribution of aluminium powder also has significant influence for artificial stone production, with a mixture of resin is too thick or too thin viscosity increases, unfavorable to production operation. General collocation according to the quality requirements of artificial stone thickness only can lower the viscosity of mixed use, improve the aluminum powder adding quantity, reducing resin content, reducing costs, as I know the biggest amount even reach 1:3. 8!

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