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Aluminum hydroxide what are the characteristics of the application

by:Yixin     2020-12-15

appeared earlier in aluminium hydroxide, it high adsorption activity make it become the major industry in a variety of catalyst carrier, the other is used as an efficient adsorbent, especially over the years, aluminum hydroxide in the production of products in the range of application have been greatly extended, aluminum hydroxide in the application of wire and cable made substantial breakthrough, applied in the electric wire electric cable aluminum hydroxide as fire retardant filler, more efficient to improve the electrical performance of wire and cable, but also increase the flame retardant ability of the wire and cable, and realize the low pollution. The other aluminum hydroxide used in insulating materials, fire hose, cloth tape, duct, electrical materials, etc.

aluminum hydroxide not only has good adsorption effect, its strong mechanical strength, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant characteristics also make them in each big industry a unique, but can't we need to pay attention to when using alkali acid under the condition of operation, otherwise it will cause a bad accident. So we must pay attention to safety operation.

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