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Analyzing the current situation of boric acid application - boric acid manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-10

boric acid in industry, agriculture, national defense, and the application of modern science and technology has been widely, boric acid manufacturer to understand its application situation carries on the analysis, formulate the corresponding production mode, more conducive to development and development of boric acid market.

boric acid manufacturer to investigate, in recent years, the building materials industry in our country, such as the development of the glass, glass fiber composite insulation materials, directly promoted the increase of the dosage of boron and iron and exports, also makes the demand of boric acid increased. In the development of new materials also directly promoted the development of the boric acid industry.

glass industry is a major downstream industries of boric acid, so for boric acid manufacturer, with the glass industry is one of the better operating mode of cooperation, at present, the domestic glass fiber researchers have successfully developed formula low alkali glass fiber and magnesium, by adding a small amount of boric acid to supplement the deficiency of boron oxide in the glass, played an important role.

boric acid manufacturer for light industry, the survey found boric acid is mainly used in washing supplies additives, fungicide and wood preservative, such as in daily chemical industry plays an indispensable role. At the same time, boric acid is also used in medicine, ceramics, machinery and electronics, nuclear energy, agriculture and other areas, expand the market share, improve the market competitiveness of boric acid.

boric acid has a variety of purposes, for boric acid manufacturer, the purpose of the boric acid is broad, the market prospect of the boric acid is better also, boric acid manufacturer with the share will have, the more the boric acid manufacturers therefore continues to other USES for the development of boric acid, its competitiveness is more and more strong.

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