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Anticaking study, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-17

know about sodium fluosilicate readers must know fluorine sodium silicate is easy to agglomerate, but you do not know the reason, in this case, the fluorine sodium silicate manufacturer to tell you.

the causes of sodium fluosilicate agglomeration basically has two, one is their own reasons, namely sodium fluosilicate crystal composition, structure, surface area and its physical and chemical properties; Another is the external factors, namely the environment around the crystal temperature, humidity and pressure, etc.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers in order to prevent sodium fluosilicate agglomerate has taken some measures, in the production process must make big and homogeneous spherical particles, avoid the influence of capillary phenomenon; The crystallization of sodium fluosilicate fully adsorption on the surface of washing to remove impurities; In low humidity environment and under the condition of low temperature packaging; Strict requirements to pile up, in order to reduce the storage pressure, but in order to achieve the ideal anticaking effect, fluorine sodium silicate manufacturers often add a small amount of anticaking agent in the crystal.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturers add anticaking agent covering on the surface of the sodium fluosilicate crystal, plays a mechanical isolation and absorption of crystal surface water, can prevent the formation of the intergranular junction point, thus the anticaking effect.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer will be added in the product surface active agent, adding the surfactant adsorption on the surface of sodium fluosilicate, forming local discrete package labeling, at the same time, these surfactant reduces the surface tension of solution also have the effect of anticaking.

sodium fluosilicate manufacturer has been studying product caking, sodium fluosilicate agglomerate belongs to the normal phenomenon, the manufacturer also can decrease the degree of agglomeration, to do not agglomerate, further studies are needed.

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