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Antioxidants and organic peroxide respectively what is the meaning of what is the difference

by:Yixin     2020-04-14
Antioxidant performance oxidizing in the reaction. Oxidation ability strong or weak is antioxidant electronic ability strong and the weak [ 1] , not with the number of how many, such as nitric acid oxidation ability stronger than dilute nitric acid, get the number of electrons are smaller than the dilute nitric acid. Contains substances, which easy to get the electronic elements are commonly used as oxidant, based on the analysis of the specific reaction, the rise and fall of valence to common element of judgment: valence elements in reducing substances as oxidizer. Supplement: organic peroxide both organic matter and oxides. In connection with the body compounds ( A few inorganic compounds, compounds are associated with the body such as water) , usually refers to carbon compounds, but some simple carbon compounds, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonate, carbide, cyanide, etc. In addition to the carbon element, the vast majority of molecular organic compounds containing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, some halogen elements, sulfur and phosphorus. Element and connation of oxide compounds called oxide ( And there are only two elements) 。 Such as carbon dioxide ( 二氧化碳) , calcium oxide ( CaO) According to different chemical properties, the oxide generated according to whether the generated with water salt and salt type can be divided into acidic oxides and alkaline oxides, gender oxides and no salt oxide [ 1] Four categories. There are a lot of complex oxides. Supplement: difference is oxidant is not necessarily the organic matter. Of course, not all all organic peroxide can be used as oxidant.
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