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Application features - Russian boric acid Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-13

Russia boric acid standard appearance is loose white crystalline powder, small particles of boric acid in China factory production of boric acid is a white powder crystal or three oblique surface scaly shiny crystal.

Russia boric acid in addition can be used in glass, enamel, chemical industry and building materials industries, can also be used for medicine, as everybody knows, medicine, products used in the quality requirement is very high, which is reflected the Russian boric acid with high quality.

due to Russia's rich mineral resources, so the quality of the production of boric acid is more reliable, Russia also have specialized in optical glass manufacturing of boric acid production. The Russian boric acid in glass industry more can improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass.

Russia boric acid in the application of ceramic, enamel industry is very important, high purity boron trioxide into glaze ceramic frit, meet the requirements of the low sodium content.

Russia boric acid quality is quite good, its purity can reach 99. 99%, China's main imports of boric acid is now Russia boric acid and boric acid, Turkey, the two countries with its high-quality mineral resources, can produce high purity of boric acid, fully meet the needs of various industries.

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