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Appropriate xin shallow of boric acid - application prospect in the market Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-16

boric acid is a kind of multi-functional important basic inorganic chemical raw materials, in the development of national economy and the industrial and agricultural production occupies an important position. Below will introduce you to market application prospect of boric acid: because of boric acid has wide USES, lead to domestic in boric acid production capacity and processing capacity under the condition of increasing year by year, is still in short supply. According to statistics forecast, the demand of the borax and boric acid, respectively to 6 every year. 25% and 6. An average of 5% growth rate, by 2010, borax, boric acid and other boron chemicals in China demand for 500 kt. Future domestic boric acid production will be based on the existing foundation, USES the advanced practical technologies and high-tech transform existing production process equipment, in order to improve the competitiveness of the two markets at home and abroad as the goal, the development of boron chemical products of high-tech content, high added value and new boron material, implementation and adjustment, promote high-level boric acid industry intensive, and seriation, the development of deep processing, vigorously improve the level of industrial technology, solve the problem of environment pollution, saving energy and reducing consumption, and replace the imported, improve economic efficiency, enhance competition ability. That is some simple introduction about the boric acid market application prospect, for everybody to exchange information only, if you have any question, welcome to inquire, or to the company visit, appropriate xin chemical industry sincerely welcome your arrival!

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