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At present, the problems existing in the potassium nitrate manufacturers - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-25

potassium nitrate fierce market supply and demand contradiction in China, the potassium nitrate manufacturers must make improvement, make enterprise scale, up to meet the needs of modern enterprise development, at present, our country of potassium nitrate factory there are a lot of problems.

in the first place, the potassium nitrate in China factory is more, scale is relatively small, low yield, poor economic benefit. Many foreign manufacturers of potassium nitrate production scale are very big, but seldom have this kind of large-scale production enterprise in our country.

then, because of the natural resources of nitrate in China is less, no proper production method, production cost is high, the byproduct value is low, on the international competitiveness is poor, coupled with the implementation of environmental policy, directly caused a lot of potassium nitrate factory in the production or BanTingChan state.

in the end, less in China, the varieties of manufacturer of potassium nitrate production of potassium nitrate. Can be divided into industrial grade potassium nitrate and potassium nitrate level agricultural potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate the biggest market for not industrial-grade, such as agricultural grade potassium nitrate, the market is very scarce agricultural use of potassium nitrate, the prospect of agricultural potassium nitrate is very broad. At the same time, the hygroscopicity of ordinary potassium nitrate is very big, it is easy to agglomerate, brings to the enterprise and the user much inconvenience.

as a result, the manufacturer of potassium nitrate should vigorously develop not agglomeration of potassium nitrate or potassium nitrate low humidity, increase of the use of potassium nitrate, at the same time, our country will develop consumption level of potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate food grade potassium nitrate its market prospect is very clear, our manufacturers can develop food grade potassium nitrate potassium nitrate.

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