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Ban borax in food industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-20

borax, general writing Na2B4O7 & middot; It is very important to 10 h2o, boron minerals and boron compounds. Mineral is a kind of boric acid salt, its main ingredients are sodium tetraborate. Usually contain a colorless crystals of white powder, soluble in water. Borax has a wide range of USES, can be used as detergents, cosmetics, pesticides, also can be used to configure buffer solution and making other boron compounds, etc.

borax because it has a very good sterilization effect, so that it & other Steps & throughout; Extends to corrosion. Many unscrupulous businessmen aimed at the borax antiseptic function, it is used in the food. And to the surprise of illegal businessmen, borax in food had a surprisingly good results.

sachima, for example, borax to sachima color moist, soft and chewiness, similar as a leavening agent and its powerful ability to greatly reduce the cost of food production. But in this seemingly good food effect is hidden behind the huge health concerns. Borax is often sold has been part of the weathering. Borax high toxicity,

the world many disabled as food additives, used in food industry, the human body if the excessive intake of boron, chemicals poisoning can cause multiple organ.

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