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Barium carbonate factory development advice - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-09

barium carbonate has been widely used in industrial application, lightweight barium carbonate used to make ceramics, tiles, magnetic materials, etc. , heavy barium carbonate is mainly used in the manufacture of glass shell, optical glass, enamel, building materials, etc. Barium carbonate manufacturers have also been looking to break in the production of the above, in order to meet the industrial more of the above applications.

most of the inorganic chemical products from the mineral processing is the characteristic of inorganic salt industry production, barium carbonate is not exceptional also. In China's industrial production of barium carbonate ways, although there are a lot of processing technology and production technology improvement and improve, but some of the advanced foreign technology or there is a certain gap. Of our country in the production of barium carbonate manufacturer of witherite reduction roasting operation of converter has been applied to replace the old reverberatory furnace.

barium carbonate manufacturers in our country on the basis of the original enterprise, continuously improve product quality, increase of new varieties, expanding products exports. At present, the manufacturer of barium carbonate production products already occupy a certain position in the international market. But some physical properties of barium carbonate still cannot meet the needs of the international market, for example, some data for improvement of the abroad, barium carbonate in China use relatively narrow, enlarge the input will have certain difficulty.

barium carbonate manufacturers in China in the future will be mainly improve the exquisite technology, improve the quality of barium carbonate production, expanding trade, strive for to play a more important role in the world.

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