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Barium carbonate in industrial application

by:Yixin     2020-12-09

barium carbonate formula BaCO3, product use used in steel, glass, paint, enamel, paint, rubber, coating, welding rod, fireworks, electronics and other industrial and manufacturing barium salt. To play drugs. Chronic poisoning mainly accumulate in the bone, bone marrow leucocyte tissue hyperplasia. Severe acute poisoning, acute gastrointestinal disorders, tendon reflex disappears, cramps, muscle paralysis. Emergency treatment to gastric lavage, enema, taking emetic, etc. The highest allowable concentration of 0. 5mg/m3。 Production should wear work clothes, wearing a mask and gloves.

packaging storage and transportation in 2 ~ 3 layers of kraft paper or polyethylene lined plastic woven bag packaging of plastic bags, bags of 50 kg net each. Should be clear on the package & other; There are drugs & throughout; Mark. Belong to inorganic drugs. Dangerous gauge number: 83004. Should be stored in ventilated, dry warehouse. Not with acids and consumption of goods storage, loading and unloading of to should take put down gently, prevent damaged packaging. When handling should wear work clothes, wearing a mask and gloves. Fire, water, sand and all kinds of fire extinguishers.

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