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Barium carbonate - manufacturer of sulfur recovery technology Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-19

barium carbonate is one of the important inorganic chemical products, available in the ceramic industry, most industry such as optical glass, enamel manufacture, has a high purity barium carbonate can be used in the manufacture of tube, at present our country barium carbonate factory production of barium carbonate is given priority to with carbide method.

the production carbide method with barium carbonate manufacturers will produce a lot of sulfur, barium carbonate manufacturers need to sulfur recycle, in general, barium carbonate manufacturers use, Klaus technology to recycle and production process of sulfur.

barium carbonate manufacturers use special equipment to operate, to produce hydrogen sulfide gas bubbled into the condenser, cooling, into the converter for cooling, isolate the sulfur, at the same time, the recovery of heat, produce steam, come out from the second condenser of gas heating up again after going into the second converter, the third condenser and then pass into the third converter and fourth in the condenser, with spray precipitator behind each condenser.

barium carbonate manufacturers according to their own production, gas composition, the technical level and investment ability to adjust the process, as far as possible to achieve the highest sulfur recovery and for barium carbonate production small manufacturers, the use of this complex process can greatly increase the cost of production, heat balance is difficult to achieve, and caused great waste.

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