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Barium carbonate manufacturers - improvement of production technology and research Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-02

barium carbonate is widely used in radio, optical glass, iron and steel industry and ceramic industry, barium carbonate manufacturers usually in barite as raw material, made barium sulfide melt after reduction roasting, leaching by barium sulphide solution, finally to carbonation law into barium carbonate products.

barium carbonate manufacturers generally USES solid and gaseous reductant in the furnace or kiln reduction roasting, the heat energy consumption is very big, processing power is low, reduction rate is low. Barium carbonate manufacturers have been studying abroad application technology of expanded bed roasting reduction barite, and has achieved continuous carbonation, and domestic barium carbonate carbonation equipment for intermittent operation.

in the barium carbonate production process, improve the conversion rate is the key to improve the utilization rate of barite barite reduction roasting, barium carbonate manufacturers of barite mines is more, different regions of barite ore nature because there is a difference, so the roasting reaction required granularity of raw materials, mixing ratio, temperature and time are different, choose the optimum reaction conditions is the key to the production of promotion and application.

domestic of barium carbonate with clamp bottom leaching tank leaching process, the leaching tank is intermittent operation, the intensity of labor is big, but it is not easy to control. Some barium carbonate manufacturer to the disadvantages of leaching tank, on the vacuum filter between continuous leaching test, suitable for industrial scale production.

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