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Barium carbonate manufacturers of industrial 'three wastes' treatment - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-27

barium carbonate is an important basic chemical raw materials, is the main form of barium salt, widely used in the electronics industry, glass and ceramic industry, chemical raw materials production and other fields.

with the development of science and technology and other industries, increasing the application field of barium carbonate, the market is becoming more and more high to the requirement of barium carbonate, barium carbonate industry in China is gradually towards standardization, normalization and specialty direction.

the rapid development of chemical industry, also led rapid ascension, in the social economic environment but also suffered serious pollution, although, in the past two years, the environmental protection policy put forward greatly reduced the spread of pollution sources, but for barium carbonate manufacturer says, to achieve sustainable development and environment friendly society, must be from the source to the industrial 'three wastes' waste gas, waste residue and waste water processing.

now most barium carbonate manufacturers by the carbonation method to produce barium carbonate, will appear in the carbonation method to produce a lot of emissions, barium carbonate manufacturers to sodium sulfide solution after heating clarification in the circular groove, into the absorption tower circulation, countercurrent absorption carbon hydrogen sulfide gas in tail gas. Ensure the tail gas to amount to mark, can discharge.

waste residue and waste water processing, relative to the exhaust gas is much simpler, barium carbonate manufacturers as long as after stop, heating temperature, constant temperature, four process can be finished product slag into barium slag brick, for use. Barium carbonate factory will waste water into the clarification tank for clarification, recovery of barium carbonate for reuse, recycle.

manufacturer of barium carbonate should actively carry out relevant environmental protection consciousness, environmental policies can be applied to production of each link, gradually realize the sustainable development.

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