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Barium carbonate manufacturers use of barite processing production of barium carbonate - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-27

barium carbonate is mainly used for ceramic coatings and optical glass materials, or some electronic components manufacturing, barium carbonate market prospect is very good, the future market demand for barium carbonate will also be growing by leaps and bounds.

barite resource is very abundant in our country, and the price is low, barium carbonate manufacturers began to research using roasting, water invasion and carbonization process to translate into barium carbonate, barite that can gain good economic benefits.

use of barite producing barium carbonate, barium carbonate manufacturer mainly USES the process is the producyion, barite is insoluble in water and acid, barium carbonate manufacturers need to convert its reduction to water soluble barium sulphide, and then ensure that barium sulfide completely dissolved in water, after carbonization reaction, provide enough carbon, turning it into barium carbonate precipitation generated. Finally after washing and filtering, barium carbonate to make it into finished products.

to analyze product barium carbonate, barium carbonate manufacturer in accordance with the requirements for the quality of the product, barium carbonate products need to control the moisture content in 0. 3%, to achieve this requirement, it must be conducted after 300 degrees of high temperature calcination, finally ground into a powder barium carbonate.

barium carbonate manufacturers adopt the producyion method, can be of first class of the barite preparation into high quality barium carbonate, the key to this technology is to control the reduction, abuse, carbide and washing drying operation.

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