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Barium carbonate process of potential danger - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-24

these days on the industrial production of barium carbonate is mainly carbonation method, the so-called carbonization method before we have been introduced, today we will learn about the potential risk factors in the process of production carbide method.

a poisoning: because carbonization method will appear in the process of production of hydrogen sulfide gas, and hydrogen sulfide gas is a kind of poisonous gas. The carbide device of hydrogen sulfide gas leakage is most likely to happen in piping and valves. Pipeline sealing, or bad, because time is too long and could lead to a leakage of hydrogen sulfide gas corrosion phenomenon, valve seal is lax or error can lead to poisoning.

2 fire: in the production process of carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide are flammable gas, open flame or high heat will cause fire explosion.

three burning burns: the production process of calcination link can use high temperature calcination, transfer may occur in the process of steam leak, causing burns.

4 electric shock and noise factors such as: barium carbonate production process there will be a lot of acidic gas and alkaline substances, the corrosion of the electrical appliances and wiring, result in insulation failure of the aging power lines, causing an electric shock accident.

crusher are used in production facility and compressors and other rotating equipment, there will be a high noise, produce harm to human body. In the maintenance of production equipment and mechanical damage may occur, for falling may be higher than that of high altitude operation still exist.

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