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Barium carbonate which was in danger

by:Yixin     2020-12-08

what are the dangers barium carbonate? Barium carbonate is barium salt, have very strong toxicity, barium carbonate will accumulate in the bone, and made white blood cells caused by bone marrow tissue, thereby the chronic poisoning. And barium carbonate will react with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, into soluble barium chloride, barium chloride to soluble barium salt, for toxic substances, if not timely rescue, will soon be poisoning, serious when they die. Barium carbonate the LD50 of approximately 418 mg/kg. Barium carbonate in acute poisoning patients, usually take gastric lavage, enema, taking emetic measures such as making barium carbonate. At the same time also can by taking potassium sulfate and barium carbonate reaction, can make the toxic barium into insoluble barium sulfate precipitation and reduce the toxicity. Using potassium sulphate, because barium carbonate poisoning may result in hypokalemia.

I hope you pay attention to in the life, don't touch the barium carbonate, because he is toxic.

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