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Borax factory development outlook

by:Yixin     2020-04-06
Borax is widely applied in glass industry, ceramic glaze, etc. , our production of borax is 10 water borax, borax and borax pentahydrate is just one of the ten water crystallization water is different, but their use is the same. Boron in recent years, borax with its excellent performance and various application prospect, has been the rapid development, at the same time, people also growing demand for borax products, it also requires ten water borax manufacturer to improve and perfect the existing borax production technology level, developing better borax production line. Borax factory sulfuric acid method has been applied at present can't meet the requirements of environmental protection, saving the future industry boron oxide recovery rate is low, the production cost is higher; Manufacturer of alkaline hydrolysis, borax on boron oxide recovery rate is high, but its machining process is long, high boron and alkali loss, limits the pace of mass production; In the roasting method, manufacturer can produce at low cost high recovery rate of borax, short technological process, however, to mass production also need a lot of experimental equipment. Although borax development momentum is currently sheng, borax factory will focus on how to control the production cost, improve the high recovery rate of the problem. Borax manufacturers can also be adopted reserves in our country is relatively rich in boron boric magnesium ore to replace natural ore to produce. Borax manufacturer has a lot to the dependence of development of resources, if can be improved or invent better production process, will more boron mine production, this will be a new era.
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