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Borax is there

by:Yixin     2020-12-12

borax toxicity not high. To kill a rat as standard, the required dose is 2 per kilogram of body weight. 66 grams, no more than the 3 g of salt. The European food safety authority of evaluation results is: if/kg bw/day intake of borax is less than 0. 16 mg, will not have any adverse effects on health. This is roughly equivalent to an adult eat every day 0. 1 gram of borax. Have a larger quantity, may be vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. While long-term intake, may influence development.

if use borax in pasta, meatballs, to improve the taste and antisepsis effect, requires a considerable amount. The news of & other; Illegal sachima & throughout; The highest, borax content reached 4 per kilogram. 6 grams. Such sachima, an adult only eat 20 grams, to reach & other; Safety cap & throughout; 。 While a 30 kg child, only need 10 grams. Even if you don't consider other foods to avoid & other Natural content & throughout; , can realize functions in food needed to add, it is easy to reach the point of harmful. So, international jecfa think: borax & other; Not suitable for use as food additives & throughout; 。

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