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Borax manufacturer of borax use of traditional Chinese medicine

by:Yixin     2020-04-08
【 Nickname 】 Borax 【 Source 】 The crystallization of borax ore by the refined but become. 【 Leading producer. In qinghai, Tibet, shaanxi, etc. 【 Method 】 Ore dug, soluble in boiling water, filter the impurities, the filtrate after cold crystallization precipitation, remove dry. 【 Sexual flavour to the 】 Gump, salty and cold. Lung, stomach. 【 Functional indications 】 Topical qingrejiedu, swelling, anti-corrosion; Internal and clearing lung phlegm. For acute tonsillitis, sore throat, sore throats, breath of sores, stomatitis, gingivitis, otitis media, red eyes and sore, sweat stain, commonly used for ent diseases! Take orally for phlegm heat cough, choke, but modern use less. 【 Usage and dosage 】 External use in moderation, cooperate with other drugs to grind powder cha apply affected part. Eye wash, or made into external use. 【 Note 】 Is generally not for internal use. ( Traditional Chinese medicine into the pill loose clothing, one at a time. 5 - 3. 0g。 ) 【 Medicine. Ice boron powder ( The orthodox school of surgery) Borneol, borax, natrii powder, cinnabar. 【 Purpose 】 Used to treat sores mouth, throat sore. 【 Excerpt 】 'The national assembly of Chinese herbal medicine', 'science' Drug research] 1. 'Ben yan yi' : loose sand, south color brown, its taste, and its speed; The west, its color is white, its taste coke, its work. 2. 'Of materia medica' : borax, southwest. There are two, yellow, white, west white such as alum, south yellow such as peach gum, all is refined form, such as sal ammoniac. West is soft detergent, hardware, work with nitre, and arsenic stone too.
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