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Borax manufacturer prevent borax agglomerate way

by:Yixin     2020-04-05
Borax in storage, because of the influence of the external conditions and the product itself characteristic, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of agglomeration, although agglomerate belongs to the normal phenomenon, however, glass, enamel and other users in the use of the time there will be a lot of burden. Therefore, how to solve the borax not agglomeration has become important problem facing borax factory. Boron powder lot of inorganic salt products, including borax, in addition to meet the requirements of users in the chemical indicators, to meet the product appearance, for example, whiteness, granularity, bulk density and other requirements. Commonly used by manufacturers in the manufacturing process and borax on can better control the continuous crystallizer crystal particles, to ease the product caking, also often add anticaking additives in the production. For borax production, at present, the manufacturer of borax is added in the production process or the continuous crystallizer, according to the production condition, also won't shut. Hence, borax factory will adopt the method of additive. Borax manufacturers choose additives are inert additive, although there is a very good anticaking effect after China's entry into wto, but also reduce the quality of the products. Therefore, additives research and development and the use of to cause the attention of borax ten water factory. Borax manufacturers have different measures to prevent borax agglomerate, for now, the additive is the most effective way, looking forward to more perfect additives.
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