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Borax manufacturer to tell you the dangers of borax

by:Yixin     2020-04-08
In the past, people like put a bit of borax bubble glutinous rice zongzi, Fried dough sticks will be under a bit of borax, make dumplings and Fried dough sticks delicious, is about forty years ago, because found borax can cause cancer, so countries banned borax for food purposes, it is illegal to put borax in food. So there is no excess not overweight problem, but the problem of completely is not allowed to eat, because it has been proved to be a carcinogen. Used to gargle with 'bell's liquid' ( Dobell's solution) Also eliminated gradually. China's 'food health law' and 'measures for the administration of food additives, health, banned borax used as food additives. Studies have reported that boron essential trace elements for human body, but the content is too low and too high will produce the damage effect. Add borax in food, may produce cumulative damage to the human body. Researchers believe that long-term excessive intake of boron, toxicity to human reproduction, growth and the endocrine system. Short time high-dose boron intake, can cause acute poisoning, light person cause dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, symptoms such as weight loss; Severe vomiting, diarrhea, shock, coma performance such as poisoning. Boron poisoned the pathologic examination of the stomach, kidneys, liver, brain and skin appear nonspecific lesions, there are mainly the liver congestion cloudy swelling, fatty degeneration and liver cells; Kidney shows diffuse edema, glomerular and renal tubular damage; Cerebral and pulmonary edema. Because of borax had higher toxicity, countries around the world generally banned add it in the food. China's relevant laws and regulations also banned borax used as food additives. Illegal add borax in food producers and traders, just in order to increase the toughness of the food, taste, tender or extend the shelf life, its price is harm the health of consumers' rights and interests. Therefore, borax must not be used as food additives.
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