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Borax manufacturer to tell you the physicochemical properties of borax

by:Yixin     2020-04-07
Industrial borax is generally writing Na2B4O7 10 h2o, but its molecular formula for Na2B4O5 ( 哦) 4 8H2O文字。 The structure of anion is made up of two BO4 tetrahedron and two BO3 units, namely four boric acid ions, colorless transparent crystals or white crystalline powder. Odourless, taste salty. The proportion of 1. 73. 350 - 400 ℃ when losing all the water of crystallization. Soluble in water and glycerin, slightly soluble in alcohol. A strong alkaline solution. Borax is in the air can be slowly weathering. Fused into a colorless vitreous material, metal oxide dissolved in the melt, show different features of color, for borax bead experiment on qualitative analysis: Na2B4O7 + nabo2 CoO = 2 + Co ( BO2) 2 ( Blue gems) Can be used to identify the metal ions. Borax has bactericidal effect, oral is harmful to people. Chinese name: borax, sodium tetraborate ( Ten water) Sand, sand, yellow month, borax, Medicinal) Sand water Sodium tetraborate, ten months, Sodium tetraborate English name: Borax, Sodium tetraborate, decahydrate, Sodium borate, decahydrate, antipyonin, LD50 borascu toxicity ( mg/kg) 5660: rats through the mouth
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