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Borax pentahydrate for Turkey - the influence of boron industry in China Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-11

the total annual demand borax pentahydrate in more than 350000 tons, and increased year by year, from Turkey every year to import about 260000 tons, borax so Turkey borax pentahydrate has a great influence on the development of boron industry in China, the market prospect is broad.

our domestic production capacity of borax five water is low, the majority of borax pentahydrate is dependent on imports, the main importing countries are Turkey, Turkey with rich mineral resources, production of borax pentahydrate ability and to enter the Chinese market, to solve the Chinese market for the problem of insufficient amount of borax pentahydrate.

borax pentahydrate was limited output in China, in addition to the night, for the development of mining production is relatively slow, the main reason is that the production technology, not directly to produce ore, borax pentahydrate need go two-step route of recrystallization, the production cost is too high, but Turkey borax pentahydrate is completely don't need to worry about these problems, Turkey and borax five water quality is far better than the domestic two-step borax pentahydrate recrystallization.

Turkey borax pentahydrate for boron in our country the development of industry is played an important role, directly promoted the development of boron industry in China. Turkey borax pentahydrate and certain development space, many manufacturers also use Turkey borax pentahydrate for entrepot trade, it is also a very good choice, according to the analysis of objective data Turkey borax five water and borax entrepot trade there is a certain space for development.

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