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Borax pentahydrate prospects - Turkey Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-13

Turkey as the largest producer, with production of borax are sold to all over the world, including five water borax best selling in Turkey, as one of the most abundant boron resources region, Turkey borax pentahydrate acclaimed.

Turkey ETI is one of the world's largest boron mineral, is Turkey's oldest mining companies, mainly involved in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, such as an ETI production of borax pentahydrate high purity, good quality, are popular all over the world.

Turkey with more than 70% of the boron deposits in the world, is also the world's biggest exporter. Turkey borax five water share in the market is relatively high, for our country's imports also has a large share, in recent years, Turkey borax pentahydrate booming in our country, also depends on the market environment of our country. In terms of quality, Turkey borax pentahydrate do have absolute advantage. With Turkey, by contrast, borax pentahydrate borax industry also needs to have a great development in our country.

Turkey borax five water use is quite widespread, filled the gap of domestic borax USES short, powerful promoted the development of our country's economy, the prospect of Turkey borax pentahydrate is very considerable, exports throughout the world.

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