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Borax, sodium nitrate and other raw materials prices enterprises face deadly test! - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-30

business difficult to do, the last two months is the traditional peak season, thought on annual minimum target number shouldn't be a problem, who know the soaring raw materials, a variety of complementary makings also compete the price, transport costs rise, artificial wages will rise, even WeChat pay treasure to receive poundage, deeply stressed out & hellip; … 。 Picking up, we see no export and consumption appropriate of Shanghai xin chemical industry's annual plan with a test of the rhythm of this but desperately! Energy, raw materials, freight, manufactured goods take turns up in September 2016, negative growth for four and a half years of PPI was finally reversed, marking the formal open industry overall inflation in China. In fact, from the start, coal, iron ore, paper and other bulk raw materials began to rise, after several months the conduction to the whole industry. Influenced by to capacity and other factors, the coal carbon steel hurricane go by industrial capacity and housing stock, the influence of such factors as domestic coking coal and thermal coal is the end of last year soared over 150% and 100% respectively. But as of October 21, steel composite price index is 79. 00 PM, rose 19. 17 and 22 year growth. 63 points. Line, tertiary rebar, hot-rolled coil plate prices rose 27 key steel varieties. 4%, 27. 9%, 44. 9%. Chemical raw materials, the half-year will affect the downstream industry, chemical raw materials upstream began to soar. TDI from early 10000 / ton to soar to 50000 / ton; Model of rutile titanium dioxide by early 9300 yuan/ton rose to 14000 yuan/ton, the personage inside course of study also adamant that continued to rise; Our Shanghai appropriate xin chemical industry operating borax by September 2900 yuan/ton rose to the current 3500 yuan/ton, sodium nitrate by 1900 yuan/ton rose to 2400 yuan/ton, alumina by 2100 yuan/ton rose to 3100 yuan/ton, aluminum hydroxide by 1500 yuan/ton rose to 2200 yuan/ton, other raw materials have different degree increases. Compared with the early, increase the cost of a large price increases to the downstream enterprises. Freight rise, all walks of life are affected on September 21, country & other; The most YanZhi throughout the &; That freight costs have risen. Parts of logistics by 6 yuan a goods up to 10 yuan a, building materials transportation costs 100 yuan per ton, feed transportation costs rose more than 35%, chemical raw materials to rise, 10 yuan/ton coal increases. 。 。 。 。 。 Price is not economic fundamentals, or unsustainable in for industrial all-round rise has carried on the comprehensive analysis, some small make up is not happy. On the whole, these increases are various costs, environmental governance, monetary policy, exchange rate fluctuations, the macroeconomic regulation and control, even rising industry monopoly caused by passive. And domestic and international market demand, the consumer price index, the enterprise profit level, industrial growth has not improved significantly. Clearly, this price is not economic fundamentals has produced, is unsustainable. Coal carbon steel prices, on the one hand, countries to capacity, causing parts of coal supplies are tight. On the other hand, housing boom and countries continue to increase investment in iron and base, also pull the market demand. Highway for super led to transport costs have jumped in recent, depreciation, and market hype, for coal and iron ore also played their part. In borax, for example, as a result of the coal, soda ash, rises in price considerably, add boron ore resources, lack of capacity drops, can only passive borax prices. Many companies are forced to & other; Don't rise in price die & throughout; Under the condition of no. Of course, there are also some speculators using market regulatory oversight. Such as TDI in upstream materials prices only 40% of the cases of skyrocketing 4. 5 times. Such as the price of crude oil by 35 - 45 - $40 a barrel rose $50 a barrel range, propylene, butadiene, butadiene rubber or have crazy rose. Economic and ecological boiling, the entity industry suffered a fatal 2016 we say, whether it is a natural ecological environment, ecological environment and economic, nothing is more important than stability. But in China, the low efficiency, high liability, environmental degradation, structural problems are prominent, the world's second largest economy any big adjustment is likely to be devastating for the ecological environment. Through time and time again the strong stimulation, the ecological environment of China's economy has been boiling. And the boom, perhaps is a kind of ecological economy already boiling external performance, the final end gave rise to the entity industry a new round of bankruptcy tide inevitably. This paper released by Shanghai appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. , company's main borax, boric acid and other chemical raw materials in glass industry, is that alibaba 9 years trustpass client, if you want to transfer to study, please indicate the source: http://www. yxhg218. Com, or WWW. shyixinhg。 cn。 Thank you very much!

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