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Borax where can buy

by:Yixin     2020-12-14

borax is the most important of boron compounds. In the weld metal, people use borax clean metal surface. The hospital is also commonly used boric acid as a disinfectant. Boron, often in a foreign country is listed as a rare element. In our country, however, have a lot of borax mine, therefore, boron in our country is not a rare element, but the productive elements. The chemical formula which best characterizes the borax should do write Na2B4O5 ( 哦) 4· 8 h2o

borax is colorless crystals, weathering in the air, heating to 400 ~ 500 ℃ can be dehydrated into anhydrous sodium tetraborate and melts at 878 ℃ for vitrification. Because of acidic oxides of B2O3 is contained in the melt, so it can dissolve metal oxide. This nature can be used to weld metal removal of metal oxide on the surface, when after many metal oxide dissolved in molten borax often show the characteristics of color, such as cobalt metaborate Co ( BO2) 2 in blue, metaborate Ni Ni ( BO2) 2 for brown, metaborate chromium Cr ( BO2) 3 for green and so on.

the purpose of borax is very wide, can be used as detergent and soap packing, and manufacture of optical glass, enamel and enamel raw material, also can make artificial gem, fluxing agent, etc. Can be done after extracting refined heat antidote, sexual cold, taste salty, can treat sore throats, YaGan, ulcers, eye 'barrier, etc. Borax is commonly used for metal rust remover, in agriculture, borax can act as boron fertilizer.

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