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Borax where to have sell? - - Shanghai xin chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-02-18

for borax people in need of this kind of material is also absolutely many, many people don't know should where to buy this kind of material, borax, after all, this chemical is different, understand it is not originally, it is not a lot of, let alone should know where to buy this kind of material. So many people will ask, borax where to have sell?

added borax where there are sold, we must first understand the basic use of borax, from the general direction, borax can be divided into medical and industrial use. In medical aspect, not only can be used as a preservative, borax can also as a kind of drug, have the effect of heat-clearing and detoxifying, this drug can only apply is basically enough, not to drink, otherwise it will cause poisoning. As for its use in industry is quite a lot. Can not only in metal welding, used to remove surface oxide, and also can make some unique optical glass, even under the molten state, borax will generate some metal oxides, colour and lustre is also each are not identical. So want to used for medical, it should be near to the larger some pharmacies to buy, or to some medical equipment store. If it is used in industry, the amount is less, can go to some of these chemicals or hardware store to buy. Quantity is big, need to buy some large chemical companies. You understand the above content, won't have any problems of borax where there is selling this confusion. If demand is bigger, recommend to consider appropriate xin chemical co. , LTD. , Shanghai will not only provide complete category, and the service is very thoughtful, more reliable.
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