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Boric acid boric acid recycling - manufacturer of boric acid system Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-22

boric acid in glass, enamel, chemical and other industries have a lot of USES, the boric acid production in China, ninety percent is used borax sulfuric acid method of process route, the boron conversion rate can be as high as 90%, but this kind of production process will produce byproduct sodium sulfate.

boric acid manufacturers generally to recycling of the waste liquid from the production of boric acid, recycling, can cause the boron resources serious waste, sodium sulfate recovery and difficult, will do harm to the environment.

boric acid manufacturers abroad will adopt the method of solvent extraction to extract boron, then, to enrich the boric acid precipitation, the process requires repeating the process. The extraction method is difficult to realize industrialization process, in theory can make large-scale use boric acid manufacturer.

boric acid manufacturer compared the advantages and disadvantages of several methods to recycle, decided to adopt the method of low-level one yuan alcohol extraction, the lower alcohol was cheap, but because of the lower alcohol dissolve quantity is much larger than higher alcohols, therefore, the more suitable extraction boric acid.

boric acid manufacturers through the experiments, the best way to extract the boric acid, boric acid system can extract each year nearly ten thousand tons of boric acid, the use of the resources in a certain sense, the annual production of boric acid manufacturer is a lot of ascension, also to protect the environment.

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