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Boric acid can easily remove the refrigerator frost

by:Yixin     2021-01-25

we know most of boric acid is used in industry or agriculture, industries such as manufacturing glass, enamel, etc. , agriculture as the main lock water, tell you a secret, boric acid is not only used in industry and agriculture, life is also helpful to us.

everybody home refrigerator with for a long time, in the refrigerator food tend to emit a similar to the flavor of the broken, in any case the taste is not the taste of food, what reason is this? This is because we often do not clean the refrigerator inside, led to the bacteria in the refrigerator, damage to the food. So it is very necessary, regularly clean the refrigerator freezer clean, can reduce the damage to the food, fresh food, so that will eat the rest assured.

you might want to know how can effectively clean the refrigerator, when clean fridge, what's the matters needing attention, first of all, can tell you boric acid can effectively clean the refrigerator and quickly remove frost. We can according to the following method to implement:

1. At least a week to wipe the surface of the refrigerator again.

2。 If there is oil or dirt, can use warm water to wipe.

3。 Put aside frame need to clean out water, refrigerator inside can wipe with boric acid.

4。 Refrigerator walls with glycerol to wipe, can form a thin layer of protective film, even with milk or food particles, can very easily be wiped out.

5。 Wipe with boric acid can effectively remove the refrigerator freezer frost.

6。 Remember to shut off the power before cleaning the refrigerator.

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