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Boric acid is analysed in the application of glass and glass fiber - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-12-04

boric acid for the production of optical glass, acid, organic boron glass and other advanced glass and glass fiber, glass can improve the heat resistance and transparency, improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time. Boric acid in the manufacture of glass and glass fiber plays a flux and network formation of dual role. In glass fiber production, for example, we can reduce the melting temperature to help drawing. Generally speaking, boric acid can reduce viscosity, control of thermal expansion, prevent devitrification, improve the chemical stability, improve the mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance. In the lower glass production requirement of sodium borate with sodium borate (often Such as five water borax or anhydrous borax) Used to adjust the sodium boron than in the glass. This is very important for boron silicate glass, because of the high boron oxide in low sodium aluminum cases show the good solubility.

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