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Boric acid manufacturer in the world market prospect analysis - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2021-01-09

boric acid can be used in the production of optical glass, acid, organic glass and other advanced glass and glass fiber, can improve the heat resistance and transparency of glass directly, enhance the mechanical strength of glass and shorten the melting time. Market prospect is very broad, boric acid have been, boric acid plays important role in the industrial production.

boric acid in the application of enamel, ceramic industry also prominent, the gloss of boric acid can effectively enhance the enamel products and fastness, is also one of the main components of the glaze. At the same time, boric acid in medicine, metallurgy, metal welding industries also having the effect that cannot ignore, boric acid manufacturers continue to dig the potential use of boric acid to further expand the application field of boric acid.

with the development of the world industry, the demand of boric acid is also in constant rise, manufacturer of boric acid has been expanding capacity, after several years of development, boric acid in the world market has emerged oversupply situation, each big manufacturer of boric acid between competition is escalating.

analysis according to professional personage, in recent years, the market price of the boric acid will be stable. In the past two years, as imports the influx of boric acid, boric acid manufacturer in China is facing pressure is bigger and bigger, to a certain extent, will have an impact on domestic boric acid.

each big competition between boric acid manufacturer in the world, to a certain extent promoted the development of the market of boric acid, boric acid quality improved.

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