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Boric acid manufacturer is in manufacturing process matters - Appropriate chemical industry

by:Yixin     2020-11-26

the effect of boric acid in industry growing, will use a lot of industrial production, with the increase of boric acid purpose, boric acid production also will increase, but boric acid manufacturer is in manufacturing process should pay attention to what matters, today we will learn about the.


boric acid of boric acid storage in factory production of boric acid should be stored in a dry, clean inside storeroom, can't open piled up, should also avoid the rainforest or be affected with damp be affected with damp. Boric acid manufacturer in the process of transportation, should be installed in the covered car transport, avoid mixed with other non-ferrous materials piled up at the same time. Two extinguishing method

boric acid factory workshop also hard to avoid can fire inside, in case of fire, the fire fighting personnel must wear the whole body fire protective clothing, in tuyere on fire, and as far as possible the container from fire to open. It as a necessary matters by boric acid manufacturers. Three emergency handling

boric acid manufacturer may arise in the process of production materials leak phenomenon, once appear this kind of circumstance, suggest the emergency response personnel wear dust mask, wear protective clothing, sand, dry lime or soda ash mixture, carefully sweep up, shift to safe places, if a large number of leak, you need to use plastic cloth, canvas cover, then collect the recycling. Boric acid manufacturers therefore be very careful in production, avoid raw material leakage. Four operating considerations

boric acid factory workers need to strictly abide by the procedures in the process of operation, to avoid direct contact with dust equipped with corresponding contingency equipment.

boric acid manufacturer in the process of production should strictly observe operating instructions and put an end to the happening of the accident, eliminate safety hidden danger thoroughly.

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